1. Warranty Eligibility

SCW Tire Inc. tire return & warranty policy is only applicable to one of the following:

    1. SCW Tire Inc. authorized dealer. 
      ---------------------------------------------- or ----------------------------------------------
    2. Owner of the returned tire, only user of the tire, and owner of the original vehicle the tire is mounted to.
  1. What is covered under this warranty and for how long
    SCW Tire Inc. return & warranty policy is only applicable when all of the following requirements are met:
    1. All tires must bear Department of Transportation (DOT) number and serial number.
    2. Within 3 years of original manufacture date.
    3. Tire has more than 30% of original tread.

III. Refund

SCW Tire Inc. will refund eligible tire based on the following condition:

  • Percentage of original tire tread on the return tire multiply by original purchase price. 
  1. Owner’s Obligations
    In order to be eligible for SCW Tires Inc.’s warranty, the owner must complete all of the following:
    1. Pictures of when and where the tire become dysfunctional, and position of the tire on the vehicle.
    2. Tire must return to SCW Tire Inc. personnel in person; if condition does not allow the tire to return in person, pictures of the tire’s tread, DOT #, side wall, and position of the tire on the vehicle.
    3. Ensure proper tire care, lawful operation of vehicle, proper inflation and load levels in accordance with vehicle and applicable tire guides, and adherence to government regulations.
  1. Exclusion
    SCW Tire Inc. return & warranty policy is not applicable for any of the following conditions:
    1. Retreaded tire.
    2. Tires worn past the last 30% of original tread.
    3. Any tire used outside of the United States of America.
    4. Tires with the Department of Transportation (DOT) number removed.
    5. Tire submitted for ride disturbance complaints after the first 2/32” of new tread wear.
    6. Ozone cracking or weather checking on tires submitted more than 3 years after the date of manufacture.
    7. Failure, damage or irregular wear due to any but not limited to the following:
      • Road hazards (i.e. puncture, cut, snag, impact break, etc.).
      • Wreak or collision.
      • Fire, accident or vandalism.
      • Mechanical condition of vehicle (i.e. misalignments, wheel imbalance, faulty shocks, faulty brakes, etc.).
      • Misapplication of tire, use of improper inner tube.
      • Alteration of the tire or addition of alien material.
      • Transfer from one vehicle to another, or from one owner to another
      • Tire operated at speeds that exceed posted limits, or tire used in racing or competition
      • Tire used in non-standard applications or operation/condition not designed for .
      • Improper inflation or overloading.
      • Tire/tube failure and air loss that has resulted from tube manufacturing deficiencies, tube deterioration, tire, improper tube and/or flap assembly, mounting tool damage, use of wrong size tube or a used tube, a bias tube in a radial application, applying an incompatible mounting lubricant, foreign objects contacting tube assembly.
  1. Legal Rights

SCW Tire Inc. and authorized dealer should not be held responsible for any of the following:

    1. Commercial loss.
    2. Damage or loss of property other than the tire itself.
    3. Incidental, indirect, special or consequential damage.
    4. Cost of mounting and balancing services.
    5. Loss of time or use, inconvenience.
    6. No imply, express, promise, or agreement which in any way varies or extends the terms of this warranty.
    7. Not liable for towing, labor, road services, or any other additional charges resulting from tire's failure.